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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bye 2015

2015, no matter it’s a happening year or a sad year, it passed.
Had many great moments during year 2015.

A very happy working environment with those boh jeng geng colleagues J
Warm birthday and festive celebration with them.

BFF gathering J

Happy relationship 

A lil cake surprise and birthday treat for him *cake delivery from Delivereat 

My birthday 

Met Eason

Sister’s love 

Family bonding 
Mama’s birthday (Feb) 

The family photo during CNY

Sister’s birthday (June)

Baby Chloe’s birthday (July)

Sister’s birthday (August)

Papa’s birthday (Sept)

Sister’s Birthday (Nov)

I’m boss of the night, at Yukothai, since everyone is here J (Nov)

Steamboat for the Christmas (Dec)

I know right, we might not always have good time.
I’ve lost both of my grandparents (father’s side). Yea, both. Within 3 months. 
Everyone’s crying. Tears for them, tears for the memories with them.
Grandma passed away, he cried.
This is the first time ever I saw him cried. My grandpa cried. 
He cried when we are praying for ah ma.
He cried when he was eating.

His health worsens after all of these.
There is once he fainted due to low blood sugar and this scared me,  I yelled at the ambulance person in phone, they are so late and their tone is still senang lenang.
And what so coincidence was he passed away at the same day with grandma, Wednesday.
I was working, sister called me and I did tear out, for him. Sia suay in front of my colleagues.               
But what’s glad is better relationship between my fam with cousin’s fam, which grandma and grandpa will never ever have chance to see.

I’m still missing him a lot. I did dream of him for few times J
Sometimes, I still cry for him, in front of my boyfriend only.
Hope you are doing fine in the other place J

Anyway, here you come, the 2016.
Please be good for me, and peace for all *praying hard*

Saturday, October 31, 2015


所以一有空闲时间 就狂爬部落格
看着看着 就激发了我回来这里的冲动
其实也不算‘冲动’啦 就一直想再继续blogging只是人就懒了 *我的一生注定被‘懒’打败就对了 T___T*

喜欢新加坡部落客用的随性字眼 感觉就很像用白话来分享生活
虽然都还是会有sponsored post但她们都还是会分享很多生活琐碎事或是旅行的
尤其fourfeetnine我边看边笑 因为在工作时间 所以得控制笑声 XD

拍的照片根本是要用来当杂志封面的吧 *好羡慕*
因为有很多都靠blogging这一块吃饭 *然后饭都吃得超好的那种* 所以她们很常更新
尤其彩妆和保养 我很常会看着看着就被烧到然后默默把产品列位wishlist XD

出来社会工作后 真的会觉得自己老去
人老了 记性真的会变差 所以记忆不可靠 靠文字照片帮我记住好了
然后也觉得真的该为自己做些什么 不行一放工回家吃饱摊着 打打字记录下生活应该算是不错的活动?
所以以后还是得乖乖常来更新一下 XD
之后会补上几个帖子 ((( 溜走... ...